Silviana Khurniawan is a makeup artist from Surabaya, Indonesia who is based in Paris, France. 

An avid traveler and explorer, her past experiences of living in Singapore, Los Angeles, and Shanghai before moving to Paris have opened up her eyes to various cultures and traditions across the globe. Upon completing her Bachelor's degree in Communication from University of Southern California in Los Angeles and Master's degree in Fashion Business from International Fashion Academy in Paris, she decided to pursue her passion for makeup. She has earned diplomas from Fleurimon Paris for professional makeup and hairstyling programs. She is also 1 of the chosen 1,000 makeup artists from all over the world who get the rare opportunity to learn from the renowned makeup artist Val Garland at the Mastered Val Garland School of Makeup.

Her goal as a makeup artist is to bring about successful harmony between countless colors of makeup and people's faces. She doesn't believe in using a cookie-cutter approach when applying makeup as she doesn't submit to one single standard of beauty.